A simple, elegant chat app for deeper conversation.

Amici came to us as a referral from another client. They had a simple idea: to build a place where people could talk in a deeper way than apps typically facilitate.

They had a fixed budget and were looking for a fast, simple MVP to test their vision.

Our favorite thing about working with Tap Clinic was that it always felt like they genuinely cared about the vision. We always felt integrated into their team, and guided to understand the process.

The budget never changed despite multiple pivots along the way, and we all created an app that is so beautiful, and that we’re deeply proud of.


Founder, Amici

The Work

Amici had a simple idea: to build a place where people could talk in a deeper way than social apps typically facilitate.

Amici wanted to focus around the selection of an emotion as a starting point for the conversation. We created a series of videos of ink and water as a metaphor for these feelings, and how they interact with each other in conversation.

The project was completed without any changes to the fixed price budget, despite multiple pivots.


  • Original art, music and design
  • Simple, elegant interface
  • Voice calling
  • Real time chat


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