Staff augmentation for healthcare, focusing on team support, security and stability.

The Challenge

  • DrFirst builds apps used by various hospitals and practitioners for the last eight years.
  • Over time their app releases became increasingly unreliable and buggy.
  • The engineering team didn't have enough resources to make progress and tackle technical debt at the same time.

The Work

  • Tap Clinic added 100 hours of senior engineering per week to the apps team (10+ years of apps experience for each of our team members).
  • We issued dedicated machines to our team for the work to ensure total security of company data.
  • We handled iOS engineering for their Backline product, simplifying the codebase substantially over a nine month engagement.
  • We built on previous architectural decisions to minimize team switching costs and make immediate, meaningful progress.

The Results

  • Major architectural problems, such as multiple conflicting databases and multiple networking sources, removed entirely and migrated to a single system.
  • Crash and error rates substantially reduced.