Four screens of the Sport Source app on a blue background

Sport Source

AirBnB for activity spaces

Sport Source needed a partner in all aspects of their product - design, strategy, fundraising, and engineering.

They knew the problem space well, but needed a team with a tech startup background to help them craft the right solution.

The Work

  • We brought on the former VP of design at AirBnB to help us determine the first version, and hire and lead the UX.
  • We created an optimized first version of the product to maximize our understanding of the market.
  • A team consisting of multiple former Google engineers built the app and corresponding back end.
  • We introduced Sport Source to venture capital firms and coached them with how they should pitch and think about fundraising.
"The Tap Clinic team have been critical partners in our product definition, and led the design and technical implementation of our product.

They met timeline and budget estimates and created a product that far exceeded our expectations. Their reputation and quality of work not only met our agreed upon expectations, but positioned us for attraction by investors and strategic partners."

Molly Kline

Founder, Sport Source

Four screens of the Sport Source app on a blue background


  • Marketplace payments
  • Custom commission handling
  • Real time chat
  • Host and guest modes
  • A dedicated admin app for staff
  • Custom time picking and availability controls
  • Efficient, scalable geo-based searching
A custom scheduling UI control made for Sport Source. The control displays bookings in real time, automatically updating as availability changes.