Communication network for retail security personnel.

The Challenge

  • Treuth’s existing developers had painted themselves into a corner, and didn’t have the skills to get out. Deadlines were being regularly missed, and quality was low.
  • Tap Clinic was asked to take over the existing apps, raise the bar and bring them to market.
  • The pandemic hit in the middle of the project, and the target market was big box retailers. Funding became uncertain for the summer of 2020.
  • They had an existing team of back end engineers and design, and just wanted a team that could own the apps entirely.

The Work

  • We assessed the existing codebase, and were careful to change only the parts that delivered the highest ROI on our time.
  • During the funding squeeze of summer 2020 we brought the burn rate down to zero, and were able to bring the full team back on once things were back on track several months later.
  • We applied consistent architectural principles to both iOS and Android, and had our technical lead work across both platforms to ensure consistency and minimize confusion.

The Results

  • Multiple major customers have joined the beta program to date, including TJ Maxx, Apple, Best Buy, Motorola, and hundreds of police forces around the country.
  • On schedule launch.
  • Successful, on time delivery of substantial feature requests that came late in the project.
  • We continue to work with the client.
“Our first attempt to build our mobile apps didn't work out, and we just needed to be sure it would be right this time. We had our own design and back end team, but lacked an experienced mobile team.

Tap Clinic has handled that side completely, integrated very well with everyone else, and it's been wonderful having them with us. It's reassuring just knowing that it's getting done right.”
Jason Bier headshot

Jason Bier

CEO, Treuth Inc