A Checklist Before You Plunge into App Development

A Checklist Before You Plunge into App Development

Are you a primary healthcare provider or managing a specialized healthcare facility or hospital and are considering expanding your offerings to include a mobile app? You may want to be prepared for what it takes to find the right developer for your project. Not only do you need to find a reputable and skilled developer, but you also need to keep your budget under control and make some core decisions that can affect the outcome of your projects. Tap Clinic is one of the leading healthcare app development companies in San Francisco, and we are ready to help you at any time, but for now, below is a checklist you should be using before plunging into app development.

How to Choose an App Developer

Choosing an app developer doesn’t have to be a complicated process, but there are a lot of app development companies in San Francisco and narrowing it down can take time. First off, you should limit your search to app developers that specialize in healthcare, as they need to have the knowledge to create an app that will be FDA approved. Next, get references if you can from other facilities that have developed apps; always narrow down searches to a few developers before you start vetting.

With a narrowed list, look at the apps they have developed already, including reviews. Finally, when you do contact the company, don’t talk to just a sales team, but also talk to those that will be leading the development of your app. An exit plan is always a good idea too, if things go south, make sure you own everything you have paid for, so another team can continue the work.

Pitfalls to Avoid

When using app development companies in San Francisco, even with the highest rated ones, you could still run into pitfalls if you aren’t managing the project properly.

● Always have a target in mind, and don’t have that target being too far away. Include milestones and properly allocate resources based on those milestones rather than the final product.

● Know your final target: Don’t work too long on a foundation, but then not have enough time or money for the final product finishes.

● Don’t develop blindly: Know where the project is heading. Use milestones to ensure you have pivot points if needed.

Setting the Budget and Managing Costs

Budgets for apps can get out of hand quickly. When working with app development companies in San Francisco be upfront about your budget and work with them to ensure they create an app development plan that works within the budge’s parameters for both money and time. Once a project has started, the biggest thing that affects budget is creep; don’t start adding extra features midway through, they only inflate timelines and budget costs. If you need that extra feature, have it added after the first launch. As well, reserve at least 20% of your budget for after the launch, because this will help pay for issues that appear immediately after launch, as no app is perfect right out of the gate.

Choosing Between Native vs Hybrid

App development companies in San Francisco will create apps either as native, or hybrid. Hybrid has the advantage of launching on both Android and iOS at the same time but may be delayed a bit more than a Native launch. Native apps run smoother on their devices, but it increases the work that needs to be done to launch on both iOS and Android. In the end it is often more important for healthcare apps to have wide availability, but by working with your developer you can decide which is the best for you.

App Development Companies San Francisco

If you are a healthcare provider looking to expand your offerings to include an app then Tap Clinic is here. One of the prominent, world class app development companies in San Francisco, we can help you bring your healthcare vision to life.