What are the Common Challenges for Enterprise Mobile App Development?

What are the Common Challenges for Enterprise Mobile App Development?

Do you have a mobile app that’s needed for your enterprise? Whether it’s an internal-facing app or external, there are plenty of hurdles from conception to rollout and beyond. For those in the world of enterprise mobile app development, many challenges can be easily mitigated with the right team in place.

Today, we look at some of the most common challenges for enterprise mobile app development and how working with the right team can help you launch a successful mobile app.

Challenge #1: Device fragmentation

It wasn’t too long ago that there were only a few phones and operating systems on the market. Today, the proliferation of devices has caused a major headache for mobile app developers. From tablets and smartphones to legacy systems and frequent OS updates, apps today need to adapt to a rapidly changing market. Some of the issues related to this can include calls for multiple APIs, microservices and more.

Solutions for these problems are common but complex. They can include automation, cross-platform functionality and a sound development strategy. With experienced members on your enterprise mobile app development team, you can ensure that your app works on most modern devices.

Challenge #2: Security

From user authentication to encrypting data and protecting from malicious attacks, mobile apps require significant security features to work properly. Since ransomware attacks and the like are on the rise, having an app that’s trusted and effective is a must. Unfortunately, many companies are not outfitted with the people needed to make a safe and trusted app.

Understanding the latest in protocols and expectations, including regulations both locally and worldwide, requires experience and expertise. With the right team, you can make your mobile app safe and secure for you and its users.

Challenge #3: Accessibility

Does your app work with screen readers? Does it have options for the hard of hearing? How about people with fine motor skill issues? In the world of healthcare especially, mobile apps need to be made for all users, not just a specific subset.

Many states, provinces and countries have outlined their own expectations for accessibility with apps, websites and more. Depending on where your app is used and distributed, you will need to adhere to these regulations or face fines and other regulatory actions.

Rather than navigating this important and complicated world on your own during enterprise mobile app development, you can instead use consultants and dedicated experts on your team to help. That way, your app can be used and enjoyed by more people, enjoy better uptake and you can ensure you’re operating above board when it comes to accessibility.

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